5 Common Ways That Helicopter Training Services Are Used


Being able to ascend vertically in a safe and controlled manner has many benefits. There are plenty of great helicopter training services out there that can be utilised by anyone, whether they need help with a commercial project, a government initiative, or even a personal need.

The options are extensive since there’s so much utility to this type of aerial vehicle. The following will take a look at 5 ways that you can use helicopter training services.

1.    Fire suppression

Of course, one of the most important helicopter training services involves assistance in firefighting. Aerial fire fighting is extremely important when there is an effort to fight large fires spread over a wide area.

On the ground, firefighters with hoses and fire trucks can only do so much from their angle of approach. An aerial vehicle can engage in effective water bombing as well as fill a variety of other support roles such as fire mapping, infrared surveillance, and crew transport.

A good provider of helicopter training services would also ensure that they had effective rostering and management of pilots and engineers to ensure that issues like fatigue do not become problematic during this important work. They would also ensure that they had reliable lines of communication with fire agencies in order to coordinate their efforts in the most effective way possible.

2.    Flood relief

Another important function of helicopter training services is providing flood relief. Aerial vehicles are ideal for circumventing flooded roads to deliver relief where it is needed most.

This relief can include food and medical supplies as well as transporting individuals. Other roles that can be fulfilled include aerial mapping and observation, fodder drops for livestock that are isolated, as well as surveys of affected areas.

3.    Aerial photography and filming

A popular use of helicopter training services is getting a camera up high in the sky to get shots that would be impossible to get any other way. Everything from television to big-screen films and documentaries will engage this option in order to get highly compelling landscape shots that work to give the audience familiarity with a location in a short period of time.

This is also commonly used when people with destination weddings want to get aerial photography of the event for a video of the event.

4.    Charter flights

Man undertaking helicopter training services

An obvious use of helicopter training services is to charter flights between two locations or to provide an aerial tour of a particular area. This can be the perfect way to arrive at an event in style or treat someone special to stunning views of the city or a picturesque landscape.

This can be particularly useful for politicians and other officials who need to attend remote areas quickly. This type of helicopter training service is the fastest way to travel domestically to specific locations where landing is possible.

5.    Flight training

Of course, the best providers of helicopter training services will also offer their equipment and facilities to assist with the training of new pilots. This offers students to learn in a “real world” commercial aviation environment where they can see how things are done in this context.

This helps prepare students for working as a commercial pilot so that they can get into the industry straight away and start adding value.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways that helicopter training services can be used. If you are going to go with any of the above, then it’s essential you engage with a reputable provider who has quality air vehicles and who has a reputation for adhering to all safe operation and maintenance standards.

Post Author: Audrey Harvey