5 Points On Hiring A Criminal Lawyer In Sydney

Hiring a solicitor is no easy task. It doesn’t matter how serious or minor your misdemeanour of offence may be: you want to feel confident and safe in having the best legal team at your disposal. However, if you’ve never needed to hire a criminal lawyer in Sydney, then you’re probably a little lost as to what you should be looking for. However, even if you are confused about the whole process, there is no point in worrying. In order to clarify what you need to do, get in touch with a criminal lawyer in Sydney as soon as possible. In doing so, remember to stick to the following steps.


Do your research

Before hiring anyone, you need to do your research. The same principle applies to enlisting the services of a solicitor or a legal firm – you need to know what you are signing up for. So, do a quick google search and gauge an idea of the notable solicitors in your region. Peruse through all your available options before making a shortened list of the ones you are most impressed by.

You’re probably still a little confused about what exactly you should be looking for. How do you come to a shortened list of potential solicitors? Well, the criminal lawyer in Sydney that you want is the one with a favourable reputation. Make sure you check out any neutral reviews or honest ratings of their services. Testimonials on a website may be authentic, however, that doesn’t mean the solicitor hasn’t received any negative feedback. Make sure you’re on the lookout. Likewise, consider favourable pricing policies or ‘no win, no fee’ mantras. Being savvy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compromising the quality of your criminal lawyer in Sydney.


Look for experience

Another factor you should be considering when hiring a criminal lawyer in Sydney is their level of experience. While experience isn’t the most important factor, it is something you’ll want to be looking for. You want someone who is seasoned in the courtroom and who has an understanding of a wide array of cases. Experience means they have put their knowledge and expertise into practice on many, many occasions – which is a good thing to have.


Set up a meeting

Now that you have a shortlist of potential solicitors, you need to go about setting up meetings. It’s not advisable to hire someone just over the phone, so make sure you’re proactive and you establish a formal face to face meeting.


During the meeting

During your meeting with a prospective criminal lawyer in Sydney, there are several things you need to be considering to validate whether they are a good solicitor. One thing you should appreciate is honesty. Whilst you don’t want a solicitor that is not properly invested in your case, you do want someone that is going to be honest and upfront with you, particularly in terms of how they think your case will fare in court. Unsubstantiated promises won’t help anyone.

Likewise, you need to be looking for a Sydney criminal lawyer that is professional and articulate. A solicitor who is constantly on the phone, late to meetings or tardy in filing important court documents is the not the one for you.



After you have met with several solicitors, it now comes time to select the criminal lawyer in Sydney to represent you. If you’re still unsure about your selection, follow up with them to clarify any concerns you may have in the lead-up to your case. Give their website another quick read-through and any available reviews online. If any red flags popped up during your meeting, be cautious about hiring their firm.


Post Author: Luna