A Guide for Finding a Suitable EV Charging Station Adelaide

Electric vehicles, often abbreviated as EVs, were recently introduced to the market. And the fact that they require electricity for propelling means a new infrastructure is put in place that not many people are familiar with.

For starters, they provide a massive driving experience to the user, and you get to save big on fuel costs. As if that was not enough, electric vehicles offer greater convenience compared to going to a gas station for a fill-up. The vehicles make driving fun, and using them is quite advantageous. That is why you just need to be accustomed to plugging them in. read on as we discuss more on finding the best EV charging station Adelaide.

Benefits of using electric cars

Electric vehicles generate less air pollution and are relatively silent cars. When they use renewable energy as fuel, they produce fewer climate-changing greenhouse gases. The amount of electrical energy generation from renewable sources is steadily increasing in South Australia. This means that when the residents adopt driving these electric vehicles, many households and businesses will contribute to a cleaner and greener city.

The city has since welcomed the idea with both hands. The city is ready to immerse into this emerging technology with a growing network of public electric vehicle refill points. This article features ideal places to find a suitable EV charging station Adelaide.

Places to find a suitable EV charging station Adelaide

EV charging station Adelaide

As mentioned, the city has welcomed the idea of electric vehicles with open arms thanks to the benefits they provide. For this reason, you will find over 42 electric refill points across the city and in some parts of the North. What’s more, private suppliers also provide places for electric cars, thus increasing the number of available locations in the city. This way, you will not miss a chance to find a favorable EV charging station Adelaide. Let’s have a look at the locations in the section below.

On-street stations

The city boasts on-street electric car refill points for public use. These points are found in the following regions;

  • 47 Hindmarsh Square with 2 x 22kW points
  • 70 Light Square with 2 x 22kW points
  • 109 Franklin St- EV Charging Hub- 2 x 22kW and 2 x 50kW points. The same venue includes 4 Tesla-owned locations, making it a suitable place for your EV charging station Adelaide
  • 61 Jerningham St, found in the North with 2 x 22kW points

Every location for on-street points has its parking fee and time limits.

Off-street points

If you prefer an off-street EV charging station Adelaide, you will find plenty at several UPark car parks:

  • UPark Central Market with 11 x 22kW posts
  • UPark Rundle with 11 x 22kW posts
  • UPark Wyatt with 4 x 22kW posts
  • UPark Topham with 3 x 22kW posts
  • UPark Grote with 2 x 15-Amp EV power stations

How much does it cost to use an EV charging station in Adelaide?

The cost of an EV charging station Adelaide is between $0.30 and $0.60 for every kilowatt-hour. With this range, a small electric vehicle will achieve a full charge costing approximately $23, and a large electric vehicle will take about $45.

The type of EV charger contributes to the overall cost of refilling an electric car. It will cost more to charge an EV at a fast-charging point, whereby it only takes minutes to fully charge your car. The locations come in three levels, including Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  Level 1 is the cheapest, whereas level 3 costs more per hour.

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