Building cleans inside and out

Whether you are in the process of renovating, just finished an extension or a makeover or have gone for a brand-new fit out, here is some good reasons you should consider a professional building clean before you hand over the keys to the new tenants.

A pre-building clean saves you problems post completion-

Many sites will need a comprehensive clean before construction starts in order to make the area safe and accessible. By having a clean site, you can be confident your staff are entering a safe working environment and that they can get started on time. And that means getting finished sooner which is the aim of the game.

A building clean can ensure your site is work safe compliant-

No matter which jurisdiction you live in, if your site is not compliant with your local work safe authority, then there is a good chance you could be shut down leaving you with an unhappy client whilst you lose time and money.

Building cleans throughout construction save you time and money-

By engaging regular building cleans throughout the construction period, you will ultimately save time and money on your project as well as providing a safer working environment. Even the smallest renovation site can get messy quick with everything from dust and discarded fasteners to large pieces of gyprock, steel and timber. These can lead to dangerous and unhealthy working conditions where workers can become injured on site. And accumulated waste can slow work progress down as well as leave a large clean up at projects end which can delay handovers.

External cleans leave a great first impression-

Best building cleans

First impressions last they say. So be sure you make a lasting first impression on your client by ensuring the outside of the building is sparkling clean when they arrive. Building cleaners offer a range of services from cleaning of windows and under eaves, to pressure cleaning brickwork, pathways, fences and other hard surfaces. Book a building clean to ensure you stay on the right side of your client from the moment the step on site.

Building cleans ensure your work is presented in the best order-

You know how hard you and your builders have worked on their project and all the obstacles they have had to overcome. And that is the reason why you should book a building clean prior to any inspection so as to ensure you are able to highlight everyone’s hard work and ensure it is fully appreciated by the client.

Signed and sealed once you have delivered-

Nobody wants to be arguing over minor issues at the last minute after you have put in all the hard work and are finally ready for a handover. By engaging a professional and reputable building cleaner, you reduce your chances of there being any delays in the key final stages of your project which allows you to get paid sooner, gets you on to your next job sooner, which keeps your clients happy and gets them settled in sooner.

Get an obligation free quote for a building clean-

Not sure about fitting a building clean into your budget? Why not get an obligation free building clean quote today? You might find you are pleasantly surprised.

Whether you are looking for a clean inside or outside of your building, or both, professional building cleans have a range of benefits that will not only keep your project moving but will also keep your site safe and user friendly and get you to that all important client handover on time. So consider booking a building clean today.

Post Author: Luna