Mobile sand blasting is best done with a machine. The machine can also break large pieces like steel plates, steel structures, boilers, shipbuilding, containers into tiny pieces. The machine is simple and convenient to use. All you need is the presence of a compressed air source. Also, you can choose the type of blasting operation you want – it could be an electric or manual blasting operation.

Also, sandblasting is done in the textile industry in making denim materials. Sand blasting can be an effective way to clean rough surfaces, residual salts, scales, welded parts, machine parts, and cast blanks. You should get a machine that can be upgraded in case there is a need for intense sand blasting.

What type of sand blasting machine is appropriate for all purposes?

A mobile sand blasting machine is not one you can get and choose to use on your own. It is always better to speak with experts and allow them to carry out every blasting activity. However (for information purpose), a 600 mobile blasting is an appropriate choice to blast large pieces.

Sand blasting is done for several purposes. Also, the purpose determines the strength of activity of the machine when in use. For example, it is used to pretreat metals before spraying and electroplating their surfaces. When it comes to their finishing accuracy, the requirement could be high as there could be a requirement to get complex shapes from sand blasting.

The features of the sand blasting machine include;

  • It has an automatic advanced valve that prevents sand or other particles from getting into it. This maintains the sand time and enhances the quality of the processing. Also, the blasting cylinder maintains pressure. Hence, it does not lose compressed abrasives and air.
  • The speed of blasting is rapid. As a result, the operation is convenient and simple for the machine operators.
  • Due to the different requirements of customers, you can adjust the machine to different settings.
  • The machine’s average height is 1500mm, and it features a weight of about 260kg.

How does a sand blasting machine operate?

Why mobile sandblasting

Operating a sand blasting machine begins with connecting the machine to a suitable power supply and the air source. When the switch is turned on, the electrical box is powered up. You can adjust the pressure that gets to the spray gun. This pressure is the compressed air that reaches the valve. You should use the right injection to avoid sand blockage.

How to care for the machine when not in use?

When the machine is not in use, it is better to block the use of the machine. You should check its body in case there are any issues with the different parts of the machine. Confirm if the pipeline connection is firm and that the workpiece surface is always dry.


Mobile sand blasting is a lot of work that requires expertise and technical know-how to use the machine. Also, there is a need to care for the machine because of its delicate nature. The cost of maintaining a sandblasting machine may be high if the equipment is not managed properly.

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