How Local Residents Can Prepare For Their After Hours Doctor During a Home Visit

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There are certain benefits that patients can enjoy when booking in for Instant Consult after hours doctor at home that they cannot access at a regular practice.

Firstly there is the convenience of never having to venture to another location in a busy part of town, but there is also access to the types of documents and medicines that are around the premises.

Rather than take the setting for granted, individuals should take a few minutes to prepare for the visit.

Those who simply rely on the professional to do all of the work when it comes to their personal health and wellbeing are doing themselves a disservice.

Here are some key preparation tips for patients booked in for a home visit after hours.

Document Symptoms and Condition

A great frustration for many an after hours doctor is asking a patient about their symptoms and condition without any basic facts to work with. When did the fever start? When were you feeling light headed? Was the pain the result of an action or injury? What were you eating and drinking before struggling to breathe properly? For individuals to get the most out of their consultation, it is worthwhile writing down and documenting what is taking place to provide an accurate timeline of events.

Have Doctors Notes and Official Documentation Ready


What can support this timeline is any doctor’s notes, scripts or receipts from chemists, chiropractors and other specialists. The after hours doctor will already arrive on site having read the patient’s medical history, but any other recent documents could prove fruitful.

Have Medicare Card and Private Health Insurance Details

The cost of booking in an after hours doctor will be higher than the average GP consultation given the added inconvenience for the professional and added convenience for the patient. In this setting it is important to have the Medicare card ready as well as any private health insurance details. Depending on the nature of the visit and the types of treatment instituted, these accounts can help to subsidise the visit.

Have Medicines and Medication Ready To Show

From antibiotics and antiseptics to stabilisers, antidepressants, cough mixtures and pills for allergies, fever and pain, it is vital that the after hours doctor can see for themselves what brands and quantities of medication have been consumed. Many requests for home visits can be attributed to overdosing on certain supplements, causing the symptoms to exacerbate rather than subside. If the bottles and capsules are in close proximity, it is worthwhile showing the professional these items so they can make an accurate diagnoses.

Inquire About Their Future Availability

Of all of the questions to note down when seeing an after hours doctor at home, it is worthwhile picking up on their schedule and availability. This is particularly prevalent if their service is excellent and they have genuinely assisted with the condition at the time. These expert operators fluctuate with their availability unlike many business hour professionals who work from their own practice. Some medical practitioners will shift between locations according to different weeks, months or seasons. Stop them and inquire about whether or not they will be able to drop in and make an appointment in the near future.


The best strategy that patients can use when seeing an after hours doctor at home is preparing information ahead of time and asking the key questions that need to be asked. Given that these operators can be rushed for time themselves, they can attempt to expedite their diagnoses, issue a script and be on their way. It is important that such an event doesn’t occur and that the individual receives the care their condition demands.

Post Author: Luna