Preparing For A Consultation With A Pregnancy Termination Clinic

Visiting an abortion centre is clearly one of the toughest decisions any person can go through. It can be a very traumatic experience, especially given the invasive nature of the procedure and the moral and political ambiguity surrounding the entire process. The current laws in place are somewhat unclear regarding the legality of abortion, which is often exacerbated by ongoing political discourse between pro-life advocates and pro-choice proponents. Ultimately, if you are considering an abortion, make sure that you consider the points made in this article before you make an appointment with your local pregnancy termination clinic.

Don’t rush the choice

If you have recently discovered that you are expecting a child, you obviously have a time frame before an abortion is no longer viable. However, it is crucial that you consider all your options before making a final decision. Speak with close friends and family (or anyone else you trust) to seek advice on how you should approach this situation. At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make, so give yourself some time to think it over in full before calling up a pregnancy termination clinic.

Can you emotionally and financially support a child?

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One of the big factors in deciding whether to visit a pregnancy termination clinic is the prospect of being able to both financially and emotionally support a child. If you genuinely believe that you may not be able to provide for a child, then an abortion is a viable option. A young child needs love and support during its formative years. If you want to give the child the best chance possible in the world, you need to be able to adequately provide for them – in the form of clothing, food, education and other parental requirements. On top of this, you also need to be a point of emotional support for the child, during times of stress, anxiety and mental struggles. Indeed, if you can’t be this person, then consulting with a pregnancy termination clinic is an option available to you.

Bring someone on the day

Most abortion centres will advise that you bring a close friend with you on the day of your abortion. While this individual is not permitted to be in the room when the procedure actually takes place, they can accompany you to and from the centre, which is generally advisable. It can be a very confusing and uncomfortable experience, so having someone there to talk with can be very comforting. Make sure that you consider the location of your pregnancy termination clinic and what times are available – you don’t need any more unnecessary stress on the day.

Do not drive

Following your abortion, you cannot operate any machinery, which includes a motor vehicle. This is why knowing that you have someone with you who can drive you to and from the pregnancy termination clinic is very helpful. In case you cannot organise for someone to pick you up and drop you off, make sure you check out the public transport schedules. If you need to catch a bus or train, try and plan ahead which bus/train you will be catching. If your appointment runs over time for whatever reason, make sure your phone is charged so you can order either a taxi or an Uber.

Things to bring

Finally, it is important that you remember to bring a few essential items for your appointment with a pregnancy termination clinic. You’ll need your referral notice from your GP and it is really important that you tell your abortionist if you are on any medications at the time. It is also advisable that you bring an additional change of clothes, some extra sanitary pads or underwear for after the procedure.

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