Rediscovering Dairy Powder-

Plenty of people are talking about dairy powder lately, but it is hardly a new product.

Dairy powder and powdered milk products have been around for a long time, in fact many of us might well have even been raised on them as kids. Now, with a growing global population and increase demand on the consumer market, dairy powder is back in high demand again and is even better and more refined than ever. Here is a look at some of the benefits of powdered dairy products.

Dairy powder has all the health benefits and nutrients of regular milk-

Since we were kids, we’ve been told about the importance of milk with its high calcium and protein contents that help promote healthy bone growth and bone density. With dairy powder simply being a more convenient, longer life and more easily transportable form of liquid milk, it contains all the nutrients of regular milk and passes on all the same benefits on to the consumer in a much higher concentration.

Dairy powder contains the body building protein Whey-

Whilst usually separated from regular milk in the production process, dairy powder has Whey added to it in order to form powder. Whey is protein that contains branch chain amino acids that assist in building muscle and also provides energy, making it an ideal addition to shakes and supplements used for pre-exercise workout routines.

Dairy powder can provide you with your daily calcium needs-

Dairy powder

Whether it is for growing bodies or ageing bones, we all know about the importance of Calcium as part of our daily diet. Dairy powder still contains high calcium levels and whichever way you chose to use it, you can be assured you are still getting your vital daily intake of Calcium.

Dairy powder is vital for your digestive health-

Whether it is lining your stomach first thing of a morning or looking for something to ease an upset tummy. Having dairy powder on hand can solve a range of gastro-intestinal issues as well as help you maintain excellent digestive health. The lactose present in dairy powder will also provide an excellent buffer from unpleasant stomach acids that can build up in your system during intense exercise.

Use dairy powder for an instant energy boost-

We’ve all seen those folks heading to or from the gym with their shakers or coming back into the office after a lunch time work out. And there is good reason for this. Dissolving dairy powder in your shaker is the best way to get an instant protein hit and energy boost making it the perfect drink for a pre or post workout. So whether you are a gym junkie, or just looking to lift your energy levels after some light exercise, be sure to keep both your dairy powder and your shaker handy.

Maintain your immunity with dairy powder-

Milk is known as a complete dietary product. Meaning it alone services nearly all your daily nutrient needs in a single serving. So what better way to ensure you are getting all of these by using a concentrated form of dairy in the form of powdered dairy products. As any medical professional will tell you, if you are getting your daily requirements of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, then you substantially increase your body’s ability to fight off illness and diseases.

As you can see, dairy powder has an array of health benefits, and it is economically viable and convenient to store. It has a range of uses for everyone from infants right through to the elderly. So if you haven’t already, then maybe it is time to start stocking dairy powder on your shelf.

Post Author: Luna