The Basics Of Using Will Dispute Lawyers And When You Should Use Them

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There are times when people feel that they are treated unfairly when a loved one or close friend has passed away, and often they may be able to challenge it in court. This can be a long and difficult process for many, and it is important that you have someone who is knowledgeable in the legal system especially when it comes to a contestation. To successfully contest, it is highly recommended to hire will dispute lawyers to help you achieve your outcome. Doing so means that you will have knowledgeable people by your side who can guide you every step of the way as well as help you achieve a successful outcome. There are many things you should know about contesting and using will dispute lawyers, and when you should be hiring them.

Here are the basics of using will dispute lawyers and when you should use them.

How do you contest?

When it comes to contestation, the laws change depending on which part of Australia you are from. However, there is a basic legal structure for their creation and execution, and this is where will dispute lawyers will have their knowledge. This legal framework also sets out what happens to someone’s possessions when they are deceased and how they should be distributed upon their death.

This distribution can be contested if you believe that the deceased did not have the capacity to decide before their death who receives what, if you believe that you are entitled to more from the estate than what you received and you believe that the distribution of assets was chosen under the influence of other external parties.

For the reasons above, it is easy to see why the process can be complicated and therefore it is important to hire will dispute lawyers who can help to guide you through the legal process of contestation.

Who is eligible to contest?

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According to the law, only certain people are eligible to contest.

These certain types of people include the wife or husband of the deceased or a person in a de facto relationship with the deceased, the child of the deceased person, the former wife or husband of the deceased, the grandchildren of the deceased, and a person living with a close personal relationship with the deceased. When looking to contest, it is vital to hire will dispute lawyers in order to show and prove a close personal connection with the deceased person at the time of their death. Will dispute lawyers can be used to show that the deceased owed you a moral dependence that has been partially or wholly unfulfilled.

Why would you need will dispute lawyers?

Will dispute lawyers can offer you specialized and expert knowledge on the legal system and legal process to do with contestation. When looking to contest, it is important that you understand the legal system and process, and this process can be very difficult, long and complex. As a result, it is important to have will dispute lawyers who can handle the hard work and explain the process and guide you every step of the way. Doing so means you have a better chance of achieving your desired outcome and contesting successfully.

Doing so on your own will likely not end in the outcome that you wish to achieve.

In summary, will dispute lawyers are used in order to help guide people through the legal process and system relevant to contestation.

If you believe that a deceased person owes you moral dependence and this has only been partially or wholly unfulfilled, then you are eligible and should contact a legal team to achieve your desired outcome.

Post Author: Audrey Harvey