The Benefit of Disability Support Worker Jobs in Public and Private Sectors

Public and private sectors stand to gain a great deal by investing in disability support worker jobs.

These positions are so often put aside for candidates who might not have the same skills or qualifications, but simply lack a disability and therefore jump the cue.

This is not a means of offering charity or making a moral stand.

It is understanding the tangible gains and improvements a business can make by opening these doors.


Improves Local Communities

There is a mixture and diversity to the Australian commercial landscape depending on where one would stop over for a visit. In regions where crime rates and unemployment is high, there will be a correlation that finds a diminished role for disability support worker jobs. Those suburbs of the country where disabled professionals are backed and supported to perform a key role find the exact opposite, alleviating pressure on unemployment services and giving independence and honour of regular work to those who would otherwise struggle with confidence and mental health. Any group that is neglected, abused and discriminated against impacts upon everyone because there will be friends, family members and neighbours who are indirectly impacted.


Lowers Rates of Workplace Accidents

Fortunately the topic of disability support worker jobs has been such a talking point both in the context of public and private sectors that extensive research endeavours have been carried out and published for our consumption. The findings from these reports have been quite eye opening and shattering a number of preconceptions many individuals would have on this subject. They would find that the rates of workplace incidents with accidents and injuries are actually less than those environments that do not have any presence of disabled professionals. The research would find that their natural cautious approach and duty of care would be replicated around the premises as they are less likely to use equipment or maneuver through spaces that would otherwise present a danger.


Boost to Local Economy

Disability support worker jobs means jobs. Anyone who has been exposed to a political advertisement will know that the unemployment figure is a bone of contention and the more individuals that are gainfully employed, the more money is circulating through the economy. This is an environment where momentum is built, creating new opportunities and investment to see an expansion of services, improving old facilities and creating pathways that would otherwise not be available. The subject of the economy can feel intangible and abstract, but public and private institutions that invest in these initiatives do see tangible gains.


Greater Workplace Diversity

The investment of disability jobs also happens to achieve a very important market for public and private institutions. The topic of ‘diversity’ might be seen as a buzzword to boost a brand’s reputation, but there will come a time when the community can see through he façade if they do not see results. Diversity can come through a myriad of examples, from gender to ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, financial means, education background and more. Yet the inclusion of disabled professionals also lends credence to this concept, opening up the minds of workers who listen and see their experiences up close. Discrimination is not a behaviour that people are born with, but they are learnt over time. In order to reverse this process and build respect within communities, including valued disabled participants works to breakdown these barriers and boosts company culture.



Investing in disability jobs is sound business practice. By improving the standing of local constituents, lowering rates of accidents, boosting the economy and making strides towards a diverse workplace, these are advantages that would otherwise be overlooked by employers.


Post Author: Luna