Tips for choosing the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne

Whether you’re accused of stealing, driving under the influence, or another crime, you’ll want to secure the assistance of the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne for your case. However, when there are so many attorneys to pick from, finding the perfect one or the one that may be considered the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne can be very challenging. How can you tell who to put your faith in when it comes to your case and your personal safety?

Choosing the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne may be a daunting task, but you shouldn’t worry. With our tips below, finding the right solicitor is easy.

They care about you and the law

The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will have a genuine interest in the law and your case. The last thing you’d want is a solicitor who’s simply doing their job and not really looking out for your interests. It’s important to choose a lawyer that really enjoys what they do.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all experience

In the courtroom, tax law expertise isn’t the same as defending people who have been charged with crimes comparable to yours. The law is a big field, so it’s important to find a defence attorney who specialises in your type of case.

Don’t discount how you feel about them

How do you feel about the attorney you’re interviewing? The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne is someone you can look to for guidance. They should lay things out clearly, outline your alternatives and then allowing you to make a decision. Make a change if your current lawyer puts you under undue stress or pressure to make a choice.

Look at the firm as a whole

Best criminal lawyer in Melbourne

Courtroom preparations aren’t a one-man show. As your case progresses, even the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will depend on the help of others. Request to speak with the office staff, paralegals, and other attorneys in the team when deciding on whether they should take your case.

Move on if they’re too confident

When it comes to the law, there is always some degree of ambiguity. It is impossible for your lawyer to predict the result of your case. Rather than hiring a solicitor who promises the world but cannot deliver, look for a legal professional who will put in the work to construct a solid case on your behalf through careful planning, hard work and good research.  

Look at their qualifications

The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne for you will have a have good reputation to go along with their skill. If you’re looking for a good lawyer, ask around. Every lawyer has some unhappy customers, but you want a lawyer who has more positive referrals than negative.


If your lawyer’s price is much more or lower than that of other equally competent candidates, you should enquire about the reason for the discrepancy.

Do you understand them?

Lawyers may employ legal jargon in court or in the preparation of papers, but they should communicate with you in plain language that you can comprehend.

Are they going to take the time to go through all of your alternatives with you? You can’t rely on a judge or jury to make decisions about your case on a whim. Make sure you get a lawyer who can explain all of your choices, including plea deals and sentence, to you. Every decision you make has long-term effects, and you need the right knowledge to make an educated conclusion.

Court expertise

There are occasions when going to court is the best choice for your situation. A lawyer who isn’t scared to represent you in court is essential.

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