Why Tourists Gravitate to Jade Products in New Zealand

Ancient Jade necklace

Jade products in New Zealand continue to be one of the real hallmarks for the domestic economy.

Travellers from overseas gravitate to an item known as the ‘dream stone’ that has been identified with various ancient cultures around the globe.

Yet it is the South Island of the country where this treasure has been found and cherished for generations.

For those who are lucky enough to visit this glorious corner of the Southern Hemisphere, it is worthwhile taking note of these product lines and understanding their true value.

Stunning Aesthetics

What separates Jade products in New Zealand from other possessions that are available to tourists is a glistening green glow that is beautiful for all settings and all occasions. They work for formal and casual events and can complement other attire and domestic environments in equal measure. There is a reason why the Nephrite is titled as a ‘Taonga,’ a phrase which translates to treasure. The smooth surface is commonly showcased with the dark emerald green tones but can be sourced with white, orange, lavender, blue and pink shades among others.

Authentic Maori Culture

Jade products in New Zealand trace back ten million years ago when the gemstone emerged during the formation of the Southern Alps. Yet it would be the ancient Maori tribes who would use these materials as weapons to carve out knives, axes, spears, and other items to protect their community. It would then take on a new form to be cherished through ritual goods, as earrings, for burials, and as musical instruments.

Spiritual Component

For some participants, these gemstone items carry a sense of spirituality that can be hard to quantify in financial or practical terms. Ancient rituals would use these materials dating back thousands of years to help people understand the meaning behind their dreams. It also comes to represent peace within death and longevity with life, elements that are special to the Jade stone. Many consumers will purchase these products without any awareness of its greater spiritual connection for global communities, but they are evident.

Versatile Product Line

jade bracelet

The good news for shoppers who arrive from all corners of the world is that there will likely be Jade products in New Zealand that will cater to their unique tastes. From necklaces and bracelets to skin rollers, rings, pendants and other goods that take advantage of the smooth surface material, there is something for everyone in this industry.

Affordable Options

Although Jade products in New Zealand are anything but cheap, tourists don’t have to break the bank to take their piece back home. Especially with the roller items and the miniature rings and necklace designs, this is a brand that can be purchased from as little as $20 to $30 retail in some cases. The very top designs will go for upwards of $250 and beyond, but visitors who are keeping an eye on their budget can score a good deal.

Wildly Accessible

Jade products in New Zealand are only sourced on the South Island of the country, but such is the demand for these goods, they can be identified in other locations and are considered widely accessible. Even for those travelers who have visited the country and did not purchase any heirlooms or valuables on-site, they will be able to source these materials online through reputable domestic sellers.

There are some natural beauties that will remain a treasured commodity for generations to come and that will be found with Jade products in New Zealand. Although locals have been using these materials for thousands of years, it is the international community who cherish their unique qualities and find them as ideal investment opportunities.

Post Author: Audrey Harvey